Bazi Fortune Telling

Analysis of client birth data and construction of natal chart

Bazi is a higher level of Chinese astrology. It is also known as the 4 Pillars of Destiny, representing the birth month, day, year and time. Unlike the common astrology reading most people are familiar with, which solely relies on birth year information, Bazi involves reading and assessment of all aspects of your birth date.

There are times when you find yourself facing crossroads in your life and decisions that are hard to make. Bazi consultation will guide you so you will gain a better understanding of your life, weaknesses, your life journey itself, the lives of people surrounding you and how everything directly links to each other. In the process, you will be properly guided and advised as to what decisions and actions will be most appropriate for a given situation. Every decision you make indirectly influences the outcome of certain events, thus, shaping your destiny. As such, you need to make sure that as much as possible; you will be making the right one.

Bazi Analysis will provide you with an understanding of your own destiny; it helps you gain better perspective and understanding about different aspects in life. It can help to guide you in making sound decisions as to what is appropriate in order to create life opportunities, maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses and bad luck.

With the right Bazi guidance and comments, you will know which elements has the energy to bring you the most opportunities and what actions to take for a smoother and more rewarding journey in life. 

At the end of the Bazi analysis, Master Michelle Wang will assess your options and provide you with an advice.

Getting a reading done is not about finding shortcuts to your life. Use the information to get an understand of why certain things turned out the way it did. Plan ahead, and make better decisions to propel yourself forward, as well as avoid pitfalls that you would otherwise not be able to see.




Choosing The Perfect Day Life’s Milestones

Our Chinese ancestors believed that there is a perfect time to perform a particular activity by building on the foundational theory that gave rise to BaZi and FengShui, which actually has a lot to do with astronomy. Through the observation of the laws of nature and astronomy, people in ancient China derived a system where they were able to pin-point certain days of the year where events somehow are able to proceed extremely smoothly in order to kick-off an important life event successfully and in good spirits.

There are several techniques for auspicious date selection. The most common ones are:

The principles for auspicious date selection  reflect our ancestors belief of ‘unison with the Heavens’:

1) Avoiding bad weather, which directly affects our mood.

2) Geographical conditions, especially with the belief that you shouldn’t do renovations in the sector where the god of Grand Earth Duke.

3)  Establishing good relations with other people on that important day and ensuring a positive atmosphere.

4)  No clashes should appear on the BaZi chart of the person on that particular day.